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Judy Ann Santos
Graces New Cooking Magazine!
Award-winning actress, cooking show host, wife and mother Judy Ann Santos graces the cover of the new magazine Cooking with the Stars!
With countless features already tackled about the actress, the coverstory on the ever-lovable Juday is one of the many features that will nourish all sorts of readers once you see this quarterly read. Cooking With the Stars will reveal her new side we ought to know. Here she gives advices to novice cooks, what anyone can do to even limited ingredients, and she will even inspire mothers to teach their kids to know how to cook.
A new magazine in town that is unique because it marries and merges the artista culture with cooking, Cooking With the Stars boasts of over 75 pages of full-coloured visuals and light fun and very comprehensive articles that bring out the cooks and kitchen buddies in every famous person. Published by The Best Publishing House Company, here’s where we will see hunky actors Rafael Rosell and Carlos Agassi shares their healthy recipes, the particular secrets of their ripped bodies. Ping Medina, Jessy Mendiola, Coco Martin, VJ K-La Rivera of MYX share not only their recipes but also reveal a new sense of fulfillment with being food business proprietors. There’s also football player of Philippine Team ‘Malditas’ Marielle Benitez who scores a goal with her recipe!
You will discover why Kitchen Musical cast Karylle Tatlonghari, Christian Bautista and Thou Reyes have become virtual foodies in the famous musical melodrama aired over Studio 23.Heartthrob chef Tristan Encarnacion reveals the importance of positive emotions when cooking. The very lovely Rosebud Benitez shows what makes even a ‘quickfire’ food preparation just as delicious as a carefully prepared dish. Junior Master Chef judges and culinary demigods Rolando Laudico, Fernando Aracama and JP Anglo, justify why the culinary industry is an unsinkable industry in a country like ours.
Features that will continue to feed and nourish us with inspirations is Jaworski Garcia who own’s Papa J’s and who successfully uplifted the Chicken Wings from mere pulutan staple. There is also businessman James Lorenzana, who, together with his charming wife May, hoists the fish sauce (Patis) from simple and unnoticed recipe ingredient and food condiment to Royalty level. Accompanying all these important features will be pages of covetable and collectible kitchen, cook and glassware that will lighten u; any kitchen, even enhance and stylize any dining table.
With the bevy of features the maiden issue of Cooking With the Stars has for every reader and food lover, here is a magazine everybody’s appetite will be whet! Grab your copies now! Available at all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide!
Cooking With the Stars is published by The Best Publishing House Company. It holds office at room 216 2nd floor, SCC Bldg., CFA Compound, 4427 Old Sta Mesa Road, Sta. Mesa Manila. Landline 2383951. You can like them on Facebook at or follow them on Twitter at
Note:   Contributor po ako sa isa pa nilang food magasines The Best of Lutong Pinoy.   Kaya sana po tangkilikin nyo din ito.   Thanks


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